5 Easy Tips to Overcome Language Barriers While Traveling


For fear of the dreaded language barrier, many travellers avoid travelling to regions or countries where their first language is not understood.

Aside from the fear of safety measures while travelling we usually see on blogs every day, Well, this article is here to tell you the barriers to language can almost always be overcome, even if you don’t speak a single word of language!

This piece of article would just like to let you know it’s always worth trying to connect, since your experiences of trying to understand yourself are incredibly important. Here are five quick tips to solve language barriers while on the road.

  1. Concentrate on Your Body Language

It’s widely said that 93 per cent of communication is nonverbal. So that’s some good news? Of course, when you’re in a different situation, it can be challenging because you want to express something straightforward without the correct terms.

Body language differs significantly from culture to culture so that it can go a long way for a little homework. However, what is typically ignored is that it can know how to interact nonverbally (in any culture).

I will argue that if you feel like communicating, it is always worth trying to connect, as it can be empowering when you surprise yourself with your skills.

  1. Make Friends

One of the best techniques for language immersion is to make friends with individuals who know the language. When that happens, you’re going to pick it up soon. If you fall in love with someone who does not speak your language, bonus points, you will be staggered at the pace you master it!

Here the intention is to get as close to the language as possible. The near and more committed you are to it, the simpler it gets.

  1. Take Notes

Another choice is to make some pre-prepared notes if there is a particular circumstance that scares you (for example, purchasing a bus ticket in a small town with minimal internet, or applying for visas).

In an incredibly scary scenario, this is one way to alleviate anxiety, but for day-to-day use, it is not so effective. Jot down a few important points, or the first thing you’d like to say to boost your faith.

I’ve got to let you know you’re going to veer off the notes easily, so don’t write down a whole conversation (people are very good at doing the unexpected!).

  1. Maintain a Positive Mindset

A prolonged process is learning a language. Be self-serving. In a week, you don’t need to be fluent. Take it a step at a time.

People are polite, and they want to hear what you have to say, almost always. If you presume this, it’s still simpler, so believe it!

If you genuinely believe you want to understand the person you are talking to, they will probably understand you. Looking at it like that is weird, but it’s real.

  1. Taking Part in Language Exchanges

These, in gold, are worth their weight. It is effortless to find people who want to learn English as it is so advantageous for foreign careers, and private tuition with a native speaker is out of many people’s price range (or only not available).

A language exchange is not just an exchange of languages, it’s a cultural one, and it’s a way for me to break down cultural barriers. Keep in mind the chance, be open, and you’ll probably find someone willing to share their language.

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