All About Electrostatic Coronavirus Deep Clean Equipment


Deep cleaning your premises is crucial to the optimum health and well-being of your employees due to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation in the country. That’s where the latest piece of deep cleaning equipment comes in handy.

The Importance of Deep Cleaning

With so many important tasks to complete during a typical day, many people find it difficult to focus on deep cleaning their offices. But you have to take a step back and consider the many benefits of a clean and well-structured working environment – at least during these pandemic days. With a clean office, employees will enjoy better health and improve on their productivity levels over time.

All equipment and systems in the office will function better and longer than when they are unclean and clogged with grime. A clean office will create a great first impression in the minds of visitors and clients to the business. Regular cleaning has many benefits and planning your schedule is crucial to the success of the process.

First, break down the office space into separate areas to decide where to start cleaning. That way you can focus on the cleaning process so that nothing gets missed during the cleaning. The government has advised to encourage remote working whenever possible and not to close offices and commercial establishments.  Where needed a covid spray machine can be used.

Unless your staff has Covid-19 symptoms, they should be allowed to work from the office as the need arises. A business may decide to deep clean the premises due to an employee being diagnosed with Coronavirus. You may also decide to deep clean the premises as a precautionary measure. If you have requested most of your staff to work from home, this is the best time to schedule a preventive deep clean. By doing so, when your employees return to work, there are much fewer chances of catching the virus.

Electrostatic Spray

Electrostatic spray cleaning is the process of spraying chemical particles that are electrostatically charged. It allows you to spray a chemical mist onto the objects and surfaces in the office. This product uses a specialised solution – combined with air as well as atomized by an electrode – which contains positively charged particles. These particles can aggressively adhere to the objects and surfaces in the office. They will cling to and coat all surfaces they are aimed at due to the charge.

This product cleans any object – whether awkwardly shaped objects or hard to reach areas. Our trained operator will point and spray. The nature of the mist will let it coat the surfaces evenly and envelope the object even if the mist is sprayed on one side of the object.

Once the spray is applied, the operator will work to disinfect the covered surfaces. That’s why an electrostatic spray is considered an excellent solution for contaminant and germ-ridden areas in the office. The spray will reduce the time to cover & disinfect all the surfaces and hard to reach areas by at least 50{00425c6397e2fbfb685b0798b142fc7d04166be7547bbcdd06d0d6ee4ce073d0}

Why Choose Our Electrostatic Cleaning Service?

It helps improve infection control and the spread of various viruses such as HIV, MRSA, influenza, and human Coronavirus

  • Applies the chemicals in a more controlled and efficient manner.
  • Prevents financial costs involved in curing contagious diseases.
  • Electrostatic spray cleaning is considered the best option for floors, walls, and desktops.
  • The solution is also great for hard to reach places.
  • The product is the most comprehensive method to remove dirt, grime, and germs from objects and surfaces.