Traveling To Mexico From The U.S: Is It Safe Right Now?


Mexico has always been a recommendable place for vacation. Everywhere and everything constitutes its attractive qualities. The balmy beaches, the fascinating and lulled areas like the Mayan sites, festivals and events, and even their delicious cuisines are enough incentives for people to spend a vacation there.

However, Mexico like some other countries faced the pandemic surge which posed a threat to lives, businesses and organizations. With the information gotten from US-Reviews, it is easy to take direct flights to Mexico, especially through US airports.

No one can outrightly say Mexico isn’t safe right now because no country is perfectly safe. Like Mexico, other countries are imposing restrictions especially travel restrictions on visitors. This is due to the coronavirus. Although the spread and contraction is mitigated through vaccines that are being procured, countries are still advised to watch out in case of any sequelae arising from COVID-19.

Over the years, Mexico is known to be a top-notch and credible place for tourism. U.S citizens, however, find Mexico a favorable travel destination because of direct flight connections from the borders.

Apart from the current coronavirus outbreak, the crime rate along the US border has been the major threat to Americans. Crimes …

How to plan a trip after Christmas to the US


The air traffic during the Christmas holiday season is usually high because many people across the world find it an opportunity to travel to other countries and regions of the world. Since it is usually a time for the family to spend time together, it is not uncommon for family trips and vacations to be scheduled for that season, while every member of the family works towards making the trip a success. For people living outside the United States, visiting the North American continent and country could be fun for one and all of them. What plans do you need to put in place to actualize a trip to the United States of America after Christmas?

Research your destination

The United States is a country with fifty states, different climates, varying laws, and other institutional differences. This means that you need to read travel agencies’ reviews extensively to be able to decide the destination of your trip. You also have to factor in how cold your destination will be, as the temperature during winter differs from state to state. 

Traveling alone or with a company

Remember this is a holiday, so will you be spending your holiday alone, or in …

5 Easy Tips to Overcome Language Barriers While Traveling


For fear of the dreaded language barrier, many travellers avoid travelling to regions or countries where their first language is not understood.

Aside from the fear of safety measures while travelling we usually see on blogs every day, Well, this article is here to tell you the barriers to language can almost always be overcome, even if you don’t speak a single word of language!

This piece of article would just like to let you know it’s always worth trying to connect, since your experiences of trying to understand yourself are incredibly important. Here are five quick tips to solve language barriers while on the road.

  1. Concentrate on Your Body Language

It’s widely said that 93 per cent of communication is nonverbal. So that’s some good news? Of course, when you’re in a different situation, it can be challenging because you want to express something straightforward without the correct terms.

Body language differs significantly from culture to culture so that it can go a long way for a little homework. However, what is typically ignored is that it can know how to interact nonverbally (in any culture).

I will argue that if you feel like communicating, it is always worth …

What You Should Have in Mind When Planning a Vacation


“Where will you go for your vacation? How long do you want to be gone for?”

These and many more are questions that may be going through your mind if you intend to plan a vacation. While planning a vacation is fun and exciting, there are certain things you need to put into consideration.

For instance, if you would be traveling outside your city or country using the airport, you need to know more about the airport parking services’ opinion. You also need to know some other factors like accommodation, places to visit, and what to pack when going for your vacation.

To ensure that you enjoy your vacation, you need to put the following factors in your mind: –

What type of trip do you want?

The type of trips you wish to have is one factor you need to consider while planning a trip. When you know the type of trip you wish to have, it will become easy for you to know how well to pack for the vacation and where to go. For instance, if you plan an adventure trip, you will know what to pack and the best destination for an adventure.


What places should we visit in rural France to minimise coronavirus exposure


The coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected every sphere of industry and human interaction since its emergence in Wuhan, China in the last quarter of 2019, the virus has vehemently spread to other parts of the globe uncontrollably. With no vaccine or cure for the virus, safety and health measures are being prescribed by different government and the World Health Organisation,. To curtail its spread, measures such as social distancing, stay at home, work from home, wearing nose mask and other health measures have been adopted to bring down the menace of the virus. Adhering to the health instructions is the only cure available for the pandemic

France is a widely known tourist destination with a lot of historical relics to see and experience. The country welcomes tourists from different parts of the globe in search of adventure and to experience the rich culture of the French countryside. But the coronavirus pandemic has led to countries shutting off, inadvertently closing tourist spots in Paris and other areas that attract tourists. This could be seen in the closing of every establishment in the country. Holiday and travel operators have been forced to shut down their tourist activities pending when it would …