Some general tips can apply to all Latin America (and travel in general) If you have been paying attention, you know Latin America’s lists of the world’s must-see destinations are quickly ascending. Nevertheless, you may ask, “what are the things to see in Latin countries? Is it safe to visit Latin America?” The reality is that in many countries in the era of economic inequity, colonialism, and market forces have generated uncertainty.

We have developed a few unique destination guides that are sometimes called into question in terms of safety. Below are general tips on how to travel through Latin America in smart and safe places.

  1. Be informed

You might not randomly walk through certain parts of Melbourne or Sydney on your own at 3 am, there are parts of each destination that you should be particularly vigilant about. The trick here is to find out what they are, that is our number one suggestion, as soon as you arrive. Many cities are notorious for small-scale crime, while others are notorious for high concentrations of mosquito-borne diseases, bad drinking water, or dodgy home-made alcohol. To be educated is the secret to keeping yourself safe.

Arequipa, in Peru, …