Lifestyle of Venice Italy


Anyone who visits Venice will realize, even if only due to the “impracticality” of the city, that this city is unique, different to all the others. Venice, Italy is one of the world’s great cities and the locals are cheerful, friendly and generally very helpful. Good manners are welcome everywhere and expected by most people. Venice is undeniably a major-league cultural and historic city and worth a visit, whatever the time of year. Most Italian words are pronounced exactly as they are written, syllable by syllable, and there is often an emphasis on the last letter. A knowledge of Latin can be useful, both as the basis for Italian and also for reading the inscriptions on many monuments. Although Italian is the language of the land, English is generally understood and usually spoken to some degree at most attractions, museums, hotels and restaurants that cater to visitors. In smaller towns and villages nearby, a phrase book is a useful item to carry. Italians pronounce words exactly as they are written and so when speaking English, it may sound a little strange.

Locally spoken Veneziano is an actual language, with a rich history associated to it. It is more than a local dialect and is spoken throughout Venice and restaurant menus are often written in Venetian, Italian and English. Many day Flight to Venice can be taken.

In many buildings and public transport, rules restrict smoking and this is usually indicated by no-smoking symbols in prominent places. Most pubs and bars welcome customers who wish to relax with a drink and smoke, as a high percentage of Italians are smokers.

In any case, everyone is free to visit the city in the way they like: walking in the fog, lazing about in the sun at the Zattere and enjoying an ice-cream, spending the days in museums or churches, looking for characteristic corners to paint or photograph, zigzagging from osterias (“inn”) to “bacaros” (tavern), studying in the libraries, shopping in exclusive shops or at stalls, going for a ride in a gondola; but no matter what you do, you are going to have to walk. All you have to do here is remember that everything goes slower, not a lot, but enough to make life less hectic.