Some general tips can apply to all Latin America (and travel in general) If you have been paying attention, you know Latin America’s lists of the world’s must-see destinations are quickly ascending. Nevertheless, you may ask, “what are the things to see in Latin countries? Is it safe to visit Latin America?” The reality is that in many countries in the era of economic inequity, colonialism, and market forces have generated uncertainty.

We have developed a few unique destination guides that are sometimes called into question in terms of safety. Below are general tips on how to travel through Latin America in smart and safe places.

  1. Be informed

You might not randomly walk through certain parts of Melbourne or Sydney on your own at 3 am, there are parts of each destination that you should be particularly vigilant about. The trick here is to find out what they are, that is our number one suggestion, as soon as you arrive. Many cities are notorious for small-scale crime, while others are notorious for high concentrations of mosquito-borne diseases, bad drinking water, or dodgy home-made alcohol. To be educated is the secret to keeping yourself safe.

Arequipa, in Peru, is a great city to explore at length, but it is best to avoid the empty side streets after sunset and to stick to the main tourist lane.

  1. Put your valuables at home

Valuable jewelry, laptops, and accessories have no dwelling in adventure travels to far-off destinations of Latin America. There are strong chances that you will lose these items, given your frequent movement and packings. Costly equipment has the distasteful habit of crying out for attention that they really should not. If you do not want to be robbed, the safest rule is never to have something on you that would tempt a would-be thief. Keep valuables safe and out of sight, particularly when you are traveling around towns.

  1. Assess your risk, as you would at home

There is a vast number of passengers who would take far more chances while traveling, then they will stay at home, and that might be the most important thing to consider. If you would not consider jumping in a car with strangers in your home city, why would you do it overseas to go check out some ‘cool club’ that is just opened? Yet, people continuously do. We will ride scooters with flip flops, drink way too much and get up with people we met 5 minutes ago to all kinds of mischief. Everyone has a personal risk of radar taking, one that in exotic locations tends to get a little blurred. Keep yours under control, and you will mitigate a lot of safety hazards.

  1. Take a tour guide

Some of the best safety tips to remember while traveling through Latin America is to join an organized airline that knows the nook and cranes of Latin America. There are various of them like LATAM Airlines, which provides multiple services, and trust me, your safety is guaranteed. That is because the greatest dangers, in this continent, dwells more on the road and, specifically, are exacerbated by the lack of safety in public transport. Bad roads, mediocre drivers, and the maintenance of subpar buses all lead to a worrying number of road accidents. Per capita road accidents are by far the greatest danger to tourists in Latin America, so assess where the real risk lies.

  1. Be mindful and considerate of developing countries

Travel through Argentina and Chile, and you might well forget where you are. Both countries are civilized, vibrant, and boasting some form of affluence. And just beyond their borders, you may come beyond farmers in Bolivia who live a lifetime of survival, earning what you spent on your airplane ticket to get there in one year. Regardless of your situation, some locals may view you as infinitely rich. Latin America’s vast majority of security concerns relate to small, opportunistic theft, so keep a low profile, do not show off your wealth (phones, cameras, cash, shopping, etc.), and you will get much less unwanted attention. Discretion is necessary here.

  1. Hold it in perspective

Latin America’s overwhelming majority of visitors have a lifetime adventure and come home with nothing but incredible memories. The problem is that the only ones you have ever heard of are those few who do not. Hold it in perspective, and know that a whopping 95 MILLION visitors take their holidays in Latin America each year. When you hear about a guy who got pick-pocketed on a Rio metro, do not assume that to mean Brazil is not safe, and do not just say it is making the entire continent unsafe.

Like every other country in the world, travel should always be done with safety in mind. Many countries in Latin America have space for hotels to accommodate travelers during the midst of COVID-19, but travel has been limited. Consider traveling with a professional tour company, for instance, LATAM Airlines, if you are concerned about the safety and in any region, not just in Latin America, that goes for travel.