Tourism Managers Ask the Government to Swab Test All Tourists to Bali


Chairman of the Association of the Indonesian Tourism Industry (GIPI) Bali , Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana, wants to build confidence from tourists outside Bali that the Island of the Gods is still safe to visit during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to him, tourists can be confident about having a vacation in Bali if the place complies with health protocols. Not even ignoring it, like eliminating the rapid test as a condition for entering the Island of 1,000 Goddest.

“Now, it’s about trust, the trust of friends from outside who want to go to Bali. My advice is that we should just decide, this is important for trust, so you say Bali doesn’t need to be rapid anymore, people who come instead of going up, the market goes down,” he said in a webinar session, as quoted on Friday (2/10/2020).

The man who is often called Gus Agung said that tourists need a positive sentiment that Bali is safe from the pandemic. Therefore, he recommended that the government prepare a swab test or PCR test for tourists who want to visit Bali, either using flight or sea transportation.

“Just as well, if we have to swab, do a swab. Indeed, it’s not effective in rapidity. Incidentally, swab is not expensive in Bali. PCR is also really cheap. And I only pay Rp. 600 thousand independently. , “he said.

Gus Agung assessed that the government and tourist destination managers must often coordinate to build confident tourists entering Bali . One of them is by focusing on preparing tests such as PCR or swabs.

“My advice is that we better focus if we have to PCR, yes PCR. There must be trust, so that is the direction. In my opinion, the most important thing for people to board an airplane is that we do a real test. Not rapid anymore, but PCR,” he added.

Coordinating Minister Luhut: If Patients Soar, Bali Tourism Can Be Closed Again

The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, declared a Tourism Program in the New Era of Bali Life Order and Tourism Digitalization based on the Indonesian Standard Quick Response Code (QRIS). This declaration also marks the opening of tourism in Bali.

Luhut said, Bali and tourism are two entities that stick together and cannot be separated. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has warned the tourism sector to be the attention of ministers.

“The president has repeatedly reminded us his assistants that we must handle this tourism properly,” said Luhut in a written statement, Friday (31/7/2020).

In dealing with this pandemic, the government has taken comprehensive steps. Handling from the health and economic side is carried out simultaneously. The government has provided various economic stimuli to help the tourism sector affected by the pandemic. Because state revenue from here is very high and absorbs a lot of labor.

In the records of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), 60 percent of foreign tourists travel to Bali. Tourism on the island of the Gods contributes 28.9 percent of national tourism foreign exchange. The value reaches IDR 75 trillion.

However, BPS said that due to the pandemic, foreign tourists in May 2020 fell by 86.9 percent compared to last year in the same period. Bank Indonesia’s records also show that tourism foreign exchange also plunged and experienced a contraction of up to 97.3 percent  compared to the previous year.

Seeing this, Luhut considered it was time for the economic sector to begin to recover. One of them is by reopening tourism in Bali.

“Now we see that it is time for this economy to begin to recover. Today is what I think is a historic day,” he said.

Even so, the former Presidential Chief of Staff does not want tours to be opened just like that. He wants entrepreneurs in this sector to continue to implement the health protocol that has been made by the government.

“This health issue is important, therefore health protocols should not be compromised. We must all work hand in hand to enforce this discipline,” he said.

The opening of the tourism sector in Bali has also paid attention to the number of confirmed cases of patients with the Corona virus. Because this is a reference for an area with a red, yellow or green status.

In Bali, in general, there are many green areas so that economic activities can be carried out. In my opinion, some areas are green, some are yellow but nothing is red, ”he said.

However, if the number of infected patients increases again, it is possible that tourism in Bali will be closed again.

“So our cooperation is important. So no one should feel that they are the most important in this matter. We have teamwork to solve this,” he concluded.