Traveling To Mexico From The U.S: Is It Safe Right Now?


Mexico has always been a recommendable place for vacation. Everywhere and everything constitutes its attractive qualities. The balmy beaches, the fascinating and lulled areas like the Mayan sites, festivals and events, and even their delicious cuisines are enough incentives for people to spend a vacation there.

However, Mexico like some other countries faced the pandemic surge which posed a threat to lives, businesses and organizations. With the information gotten from US-Reviews, it is easy to take direct flights to Mexico, especially through US airports.

No one can outrightly say Mexico isn’t safe right now because no country is perfectly safe. Like Mexico, other countries are imposing restrictions especially travel restrictions on visitors. This is due to the coronavirus. Although the spread and contraction is mitigated through vaccines that are being procured, countries are still advised to watch out in case of any sequelae arising from COVID-19.

Over the years, Mexico is known to be a top-notch and credible place for tourism. U.S citizens, however, find Mexico a favorable travel destination because of direct flight connections from the borders.

Apart from the current coronavirus outbreak, the crime rate along the US border has been the major threat to Americans. Crimes like kidnapping, petty thefts, and drug cartels is the main ground for the risk. Moreover, safety precautions and criminal defense mechanisms are in place to ameliorate the trajectory.

There are many online travel services today, but the right agencies will give you good travel advice before you book a flight. Reports have it that Mexicans do not feel safe welcoming people into their country because of fear of spreading the disease, and tourists or vacationists may increase the level of risk.

To this effect, some countries have implemented few restriction protocols, some have not. People are taking precautions to safeguard themselves. If you are planning to visit Mexico, you should be sure that where you are going is without restrictions, and also you should be ready to take preventive measures.

Mexico is a developing country, and the poverty rate is high. This has caused increased petty theft, drug cartels and accidents in some dangerous areas.

However, travel advisories guarantees that these tips may give you a safe travel:

1.  Have a travel insurance

Travel insurance can guarantee you the best travel experience. You should also ensure that it covers your health and some other things you may put into consideration. It can be very easy to choose a coverage as long as you have chosen one of the best travel insurance companies.

2.  Travel by car

It is advisable that you travel by car and avoid public transportation. This would help you avoid unsafe areas as you are in control of the wheel.

3.  Avoid partying

As long as vacation is for recreation and fun, it is better to avoid partying. You can decide to visit cool places like Loreto

4.  Use masks especially in crowded areas

Since the coronavirus surge, everyone is enjoined to use the face mask. If you do not like it, you should use it especially when you are in crowded places.

5.  Avoid needless ostentation of wealth

Mexico has a good number of poor people who indulge in criminal activities. It would be sensible to use the safe box at hotels or vacation rentals and go with little cash. Don’t spend carelessly, else you’d be facing a lot of risk.

In conclusion, consult the map before travelling to know which areas you should go. Places like the popular Cancun beach is not advisable for tourists due to the frequent crime reports emanating from there.